All me me me's jewellery is made by hand with love and care, using fine quality porcelain.

Frozen Charlotte brooch
This brooch is cast from a mould made from an antique Frozen Charlotte doll dug up from the grounds of an old abandoned ceramics factory in Germany
Glazed with a lovely silky stain off white glaze
She measures approximately 5.5 cm high

Strawberry Brooch
Approximately 4.5 cm high

Watermelon Brooch
Approximately 4 cm high

Faceted stone brooches
Available in 6 shapes and 1 extra large
Colour choices are pink, grey, yellow, teal, peach and blue

Extra large faceted stone brooch
Approximately 6 cm high

Faceted stone brooch shapes, approximately 2.5 to 4 cm high

Colour choices for faceted stone brooches

Geometric brooches
Various shapes, from approximately 3.5 cm to 7.5 cm wide
Available in any combination of the following colours- peach, blue, teal, yellow, pink and grey

Sugar skull brooches
Approximately 5.5 cm high
Available in red, pink or blue

Lightning cloud brooches
Approximately 7.5 cm high
Available in black/yellow, grey/pink or blue/grey

Swallow brooches
Available in white, baby blue, grey or pink

Jewel brooches
Approximately 4.5 cm high
Available in baby blue, pink, red or blue

Mary brooches
Available in pink, grey or blue

Heart brooches
Available in pink, black or red

Anchor brooches
Available in yellow, grey, baby blue or pink