All me me me products are made by hand with love and care, using fine quality porcelain.

Key bottle vases
Glazed porcelain bottle vase with antique key emblem
7 cm, 11 cm and 12 cm high

Personalised porcelain bunnies
These rabbits make wonderful gifts that will be cherished forever, ideal for a christening or birthday present. They also make fantastic wedding cake or birthday cake toppers, perfect for someone who is looking for something unique
They measure around 7 cm tall and 6 cm from their nose to their cotton tails

The dog bowl
The dog bowl is not actually made for dogs but making good use of one of me me me's helpful animal friends. Handmade in porcelain, ‘the dog bowl’ makes an intriguing table piece and is perfect for your french fancies and other delights.
Approximately 10 cm high and bowl 15 cm in diameter
Available in grey dog and white bowl or all white

Square Vases
Square vase with textured surface and star decoration, perfect for flowers or even displayed empty in a group.
Tall square vase approximately 24.5 cm high and 6.5 cm wide
Small square vase approximately 11.5 cm high and 4.5 cm wide
Wide square vase approximately 18 cm high and 8.5 cm wide

Porcelain Plates

Bottle Vases

Anchor Bottle